The Team

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Gail Ahlers

Gail Ahlers graduated from RISD with a BFA in Light Metals and is well-known for her custom design pieces that help organizations celebrate success. She also derives great joy from painting, as do those who come to own her artwork. 

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Deb Goeschel of The Wellness Scribe

I believe… That to truly be well—in body, mind, and spirit—our culture needs to embrace the modalities offered by those who provide mental and emotional health support, as well as alternative physical and energetic treatments. To this end, I offer my 13+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN COMMUNICATIONS to assist health and wellness industry practitioners and businesses grow and thrive.

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JoAnn Lefebvre of Shift 2 Inbound Marketing

Social Media ⎟  Social Marketing Professional⎟  Speaker⎟  Trainer |  Relationship Marketing Strategist | WordPress Web Designer

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Shari Ahlers of Ahlers Acupuncture and Specialized Energy Kinesiology

Shari has a unique combination of skills, a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, ICPKP Professional Kinesiology Diploma Program, and extensive experience in multiple forms of Intuitive Energy Work for over 40 years. These skills work at bringing ALL aspects of your being, Physical – Mental – Emotional into balance. She teaches an array of classes, as well as working with individuals and corporations internationally in her private practice