About Us


The Ahlers Designs studio has undergone many transformations since Gail Ahlers settled into the space in Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket almost ten years ago. Yet, the change that is taking place this summer is perhaps among one of the largest and most exciting undertakings the company has seen thus far.

The front section of the studio has been dubbed “The Empowerment Factory”: it is a space designated to host a variety of workshops, classes, and discussions centered around providing individuals with critical networking, social media, and business skills, as well as a variety of practices that will allow them to become more empowered individuals. The space, once brimming over with Gail’s creations and awards, has been transformed into an inviting and workshop-ready room: to the right when one first walks in, there is a space where an audience of fifteen or so people may gather to listen to a presenter, and along the peripherals of the room, there is a small kitchenette and lounge area where one can admire some of her pieces on display.

Making space for The Empowerment Factory has allowed Gail to bring her creative talent and passion for empowering individuals together under one roof. Alongside creating art, community outreach has long been one of Gail’s passions. For years, she has played an active role in empowerment missions across the Ocean State, including a number of Youth Workforce projects. She is the Director of Community Outreach for We Share Hope, a non-profit org an active member of the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). To say the least, she is an inspiring mentor to many, and the opening of The Empowerment Factory marks a thrilling start to her latest philanthropic endeavor.